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J. Paul Neeley

PechaKucha Presenter - Designer and Researcher

night night everyone / improving world health by putting the web to sleep

J. Paul Neeley has a background in Service Design, Speculative Design, Design Research and Strategy. He has worked professionally at Mayo Clinic’s Center for Innovation as a Service Designer & Researcher focusing on the health care experience and delivery, at Teton Radiology as a Service Design Manager realizing innovative medical imaging solutions, and at Unilever in Consumer & Market Insights on brand development.

Neeley’s current design work explores the social, cultural, economic, and ethical implications of emerging technologies, designing speculative futures that help us engage with possibility as a way of reframing and understanding anew our current state. Recent projects have focused on happiness, health care and wellbeing, self-quantification, future mobility, AI, synthetic biology, and issues of complexity and computational irreducibility in design and business.

Neeley is the Co-founder & CEO of Yossarian, an AI for creativity; founder of Masamichi Souzou, an organization working on the optimization of happiness through the consideration of everything; and he consults in Service & Speculative Design at Neeley Worldwide. He is a tutor in Service Design at the Royal College of Art, and has guest lectured at Imperial College: Computer Science; RCA: Design Interactions; NYU: ITP; Köln International School of Design; and SVA: Design for Social Innovation.

Neeley holds an M.A. in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art, where he studied with Tony Dunne and Fiona Raby, and is a graduate of Northwestern University, where he studied Communications Studies with a concentration in Economics. He is a talented cellist and enjoys walking, chess, naps, beaches, and exploring ideas.

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