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Debra Kushner

Parent Healthcare Advocate

Debra Kushner is a passionate healthcare advocate, primarily for her family, and increasingly for others in her various networks. An avid learner with a thirst for knowledge combined with a healthy dose of perseverance and a fair bit of skepticism, Debra is driven to research, understand, challenge, and advocate. Her quest to find answers and care has led her to develop a vast wealth of knowledge for a wide assortment of medical conditions, treatments, specialists, and institutions. Others have grown to rely on her expertise and keen ability to recall random research, articles, and specialists.

Her journey into the world of complex and chronic health issues started in 2009 with her own chronic vector-borne diseases. That experience prepared Debra for her young son’s health mystery that began in 2012 and remains only partly diagnosed today.

Debra’s professional career includes working as a creative services director for a fast-paced, marketing department for a global law firm and as a creative for non-profit education organizations. She attended the University of Maryland, earning a degree in Advertising Design and Visual Communications. When she is not reading medical research articles or managing her son’s care, she can be found volunteering, gardening, and creating new recipes. One day, she will open a spice company near the beach.