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Session 9: Breakout Sessions

All breakout sessions will be located on the 1st floor of the Mayo Civic Center. 

Debiasing Our Systems and Ourselves / Designing for Debiasing, Room 102/103

Research suggests that there are implicit biases lurking in our healthcare systems. They can lead to healthcare disparities and impact on how we deliver care, develop policy and design solutions for greater health and wellbeing. Yet, with the burgeoning possibilities of AI and many other trends, there is potential to see ourselves and systems in a new light and act positively. This workshop will explore evidence on implicit biases in healthcare, including mechanisms and promising strategies and interventions, and ask two questions: How can we raise awareness of how this issue affects us all? How can we creatively and resourcefully de-bias our health systems and ourselves? How can we act together now?

  • Jackie del Castillo, Nesta Health Labs
  • Aneeta Rattan, London Business School
  • Michelle Partogi, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation
  • Celine Bondoc, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation

Payment Reform: Including the Patient Experience in the Value Equation, Room 101

In the complex world of payment reform, terms such as quality, value, and outcomes are discussed at length. However, the impact to the individual patient experience can be lost as much of the focus on value based payment models is on the mechanisms of the product: data, analytics, quality metrics, regulatory and compliance measures.

  • Allison Matthews, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation
  • David Derby, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation
  • Rob Nesse, M.D., Mayo Clinic
  • John Poe, Mayo Clinic
  • Jim Manz, M.D., Mayo Clinic
  • Rob Stroebel, M.D., Mayo Clinic
  • Kari Bunkers, M.D., Mayo Clinic
  • Randy Schubring, Mayo Clinic
  • Julie Wang, Mayo Clinic
  • Lyell Jones, M.D., Mayo Clinic

Design Your Next Competitor, Room 104/105

Across the healthcare landscape, rapidly shifting consumer expectations are eroding traditional competitive barriers, with nimble upstarts seizing on low points of the customer journey to design – and launch –  a more compelling experience. However you define your “competition,” you’ll learn how to identify the unmet needs of your target audience, anticipate unexpected disruptors and create your own next competitor before someone else does during this collaborative workshop.

Transforming the Caregiver Experience: From Problem to Solution in 90 Minutes, Room 106

This fast-paced, hands-on workshop will focus on how to use design thinking to help caregivers thrive. Participants will “sprint” from starting with a personal challenge to developing an idea to address it in just 90 minutes. Each participant will walk away with a new understanding of the design process and how it might support caregivers — plus a real idea of their own to put this into action. This workshop will be facilitated by the civic design nonprofit Our City in partnership with the Assistive Tech Challenge. The Challenge is a pitch competition to facilitate greater independence for individuals with disabilities and the daily challenges they face. Ideas that emerge from the workshop will be well-prepared to submit to the Challenge.

  • Jake Levitas, Our City
  • Patrick Seeb, Destination Medical Center
  • Chris Schad, Destination Medical Center
  • Tracee Vetting Wolf, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation