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Session 7 – Breakout Sessions

Choose one of four options:

Doing Things Differently: Examining Patient Experiences Through the Lens of Behavior Change (Room 103)
with Dan Ariely, Duke University and Pauline Kabitsis, BEworks

This session will build on Dan Ariely’s main stage presentation to examine examples through the lens of behavior change and provide a few things that you might want to do differently – or at least test. Please bring an example of a patient experience, process, or journey (such as emergency room waiting, medications, appointments, treatment plan, etc.).

Navigating Health Care: A 360-Degree Picture (Room 102)
with Amber Friedline, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center; David Gibson, Two Twelve; and Deb Kushner, designer and parent

Join this dialogue between a caregiver, facilities planner, and design strategist who will use wayfinding as a lens to examine the dynamics of patient experience, institutional commitment, and human-centered design to navigate health care. The session is grounded in the story of a mother finding the best care for her chronically ill son.

Factors for Change: Mapping Innovations and Experience to Improve Health Care Delivery (Room 105)
with Tim Johnson, Bryan Langlands, Tiffany Lee, Gina Livingston-Smith, Sarah Markovitz, and Joan Saba, NBBJ

Healthcare is undergoing rapid changes – from new technologies to an increased emphasis on behavioral health and connection to nature. This workshop will guide attendees through mapping the current and future state to identify the most pressing opportunities to harness change to improve care, delivery, and the design of hospitals and clinics.

New Perspectives on Paying for Value: Are we at the Tipping Point in Health Care? (Room 104)
with David Derby, Todd Moore, Matthew Moore, Robert Nesse, M.D., Piper Nieters Su, John Poe, and Henry Ting, M.D., Mayo Clinic

Alternate payment models focused on value-based care and accountability are becoming embedded in many health care systems. This panel will discuss how Mayo Clinic’s newly created Revenue Strategies and Innovation Division addresses what matters now, accountability and risk, and next best steps in how care should be delivered.