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Session 5: Breakout Sessions

All breakout sessions will be located on the 1st floor of the Mayo Civic Center. 

Beyond Outcome Measures: Measuring the Difficult to Measure–Tools to Understand and Shape Transformative Change, Room 104/105

Creating and sustaining transformative change is difficult. Outcome measures are important but of limited utility for analyzing and improving the myriad elements of a meaningful transformation. Measuring these elements of transformation, particularly cultural and behavioral aspects, is notoriously hard. Mayo Clinic’s Population Health and the Center For Innovation in collaboration with Georgia Tech’s SimTigrate lab are using a variety of techniques to measure longitudinal transformations of community care. The tools discussed will include those used in preparation for change, capturing cultural dimensions of team care, and the impact of the built environment on team care. This session will provide a case study illustrating these tools as well as helping participants connect these tools to their individual needs.

  • Matthew Moore, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation
  • Rob Stroebel, M.D., Mayo Clinic
  • David Jasperson, Mayo Clinic
  • Lori Baumbach, Mayo Clinic
  • Jennifer DuBose, Georgia Tech
  • Craig Zimring, Georgia Tech

IBM AI Accelerator Workshop Part II of II, Room 101

IBM AI Accelerator is an active, engaging, and intensive workshop experience run by members of the IBM AI Design Practices team. This workshop will introduce the principles of designing and building with artificial intelligence through design thinking and cross-disciplinary collaboration. By the end of the workshop, we expect participants to have a practical understanding of the fundamentals of AI, its importance to the modern world, and how to find applications for it.

  • Adam Cutler, IBM
  • Lawrence Humphrey, IBM
  • Doug Powell, IBM
  • Jody Cutler, IBM / Mark Burrell, IBM

Enabling Innovation – Lessons Learned from 10 Years of Supporting Grassroots Innovation, Room 102/103

This breakout session will examine the impact of supporting grassroots innovation through Mayo Clinic’s Connect, Design and Enable (CoDE) innovation award program. The team will share lessons learned, such as what worked, what didn’t, and how the program evolved to stay nimble in a large, complex organization. During the workshop attendees will participate in a hands-on experience to explore ways to ignite and support a culture of innovation.

  • Amber Caron, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation
  • Matt Basore, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation
  • Diane Klein, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation
  • Jo Bernau, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation
  • Nancy Pick, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation
  • David Argue, Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation
  • Venk Bellamkonda, M.D., Mayo Clinic

When the Consensus Is That There Isn’t Any: The Untold Stories of Clinical Knowledge Management, Room 106

What happens when the experts don’t agree? Clinical decision support systems require a foundation of core clinical knowledge to be captured, stored, indexed, and maintained, but areas of medicine with limited evidence, divergent practices, or rapidly evolving medical knowledge can confound these efforts. Members from the Mayo Clinic Knowledge Management and Delivery Program and physician experts from Mayo Clinic knowledge content boards will share their experiences with building practice consensus and creating the care process models. In this roundtable format, panelists and attendees will be invited to ask questions and share lessons learned about the approaches, techniques, and capabilities needed to build and capture consensus across clinical practice.

  • Rose Anderson, Mayo Clinic
  • Scott Eggers, M.D., Mayo Clinic
  • Michelle Felten, Mayo Clinic
  • Deborah Rhodes, M.D., Mayo Clinic
  • Stacey Rizza, M.D., Mayo Clinic
  • Jane Linderbaum, APRN, C.N.P.
  • Mabel Ryder, M.D. / Kristi Sorensen