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Session 2: Meeting People Where They Really Are

Opportunities to produce health that matters to people begin beyond the current delivery system.


Leana Wen, M.D., Health Commissioner, City of Baltimore

  • Addressing the gap between what doctors do and what patients need
  • What health care can learn from public health?
  • How to meet people where they are

David Erickson, Director, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco

  • Health and community development- what kind of progress has been made since Transform 2013 presentation
  • Why does this matter to health care providers?

Cyrus Batheja, National VP of Housing for myConnections™ at UnitedHealthcare Community & State

  • Approaching housing as health
  • Addressing the needs of high-risk populations
  • What can the health care delivery system learn from a health care benefits company?

David Levine, M.D., Clinician/Investigator at Brigham Health

  • Hospitals at home
  • Making progress by working between research and operations
  • What’s taking so long? Overcoming numerous barriers
  • What will it take to make this transformation possible?

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