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Session 3 – Breakout Sessions

Choose one of four options below:

Exploring Conversational AI: Closing Gaps in Patient Care, Clinical Practice, and Care at Home  (Room 105)
Joyce Even, Sooji Lee, Maren Mader, Jay Maxwell, Ryan Miller, Sandhya Pruthi, M.D., and Erika Rolland, Mayo Clinic; and Nate Treloar, Orbita

Digital health care is being transformed by conversational voice technologies. Dive into use cases through facilitated roundtable discussions with our experts and learn how digital health care for patients, providers, and delivery of care at home can be transformed through voice.

Community Collaboration: Laying the Groundwork for Bold Experiments in Care (Room 102)
Summer Allen, M.D., and Michelle Lampman, Mayo Clinic; and Maggie Breslin, The Patient Revolution

What if the seeds for a really big healthcare idea – involving overcoming organizational and social barriers – are in the experiences of a community? This activity-based breakout session will use a story about the Patient Voice project, two communities, and a health system to help you outline your own strategy for a bold experiment.

Mixed Methods: Integrating Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches to Innovating Clinical Care (Room 104)
Meredith DeZutter, Jon Ebbert, M.D., Lindsey Philpot, Ph.D., and Priya Ramar, Mayo Clinic

Innovation in complex health care environments requires multidisciplinary teams and complementary approaches to create change. This session will use case examples to examine how combining human-centered design methodology with scientific approaches enhances work within transformative clinical settings.

Implementing AI into Clinical Use: From Perception to Reality (Room 103)
Mark Foley, Beverly Hanson, Dale Magnuson, Susan McHugh, Clint Schmidt, and Luke Shockman, Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic leaders working on AI governance will delve into the challenges of implementing AI in the clinical practice. Domains addressed will include ethics, data, and regulatory considerations.