About Transform

Transform brings together the world’s brightest minds to tackle tough issues in health and health care. At Transform, we will look beyond medicine to find answers to thrive in an ecosystem of health. We’ll make change possible…by inspiring change through action.

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This is not a sit-down and listen-only event. You will challenge, invent, sing, play, eat, drink, debate, and think. At Transform you can network with a diverse spectrum of innovators, engage in new experiences, and participate in hands-on demonstrations. And, of course, you’ll experience Minnesota Nice.

Ideas in Action

During breakout sessions, you’ll reframe the conversation with innovators redefining entrepreneurship and creating new models for change.

Transform show-floor bustling with people looking at innovative ideas, and talking with the people & companies behind them

In the Forum

Join our partners in the Forum where you’ll connect with fellow change-makers, enjoy refreshments, and examine virtual reality as a tool for change, among other offerings.

Attendees speaking directly with one of the speakers after the sessions

Your Voice Matters

To make change possible, we need to hear from you. Our program is designed to engage you at PechaKucha presentations, Unpacking Sessions and throughout conference with new connections and networking that energize Transform.

  • Transform was a powerful and inspirational experience to meet other creative, amazing people willing to take risks and follow their passion to create a more inclusive, participatory, and responsive culture of health.
    Andres Marquez-Lara
    Founder & Passion Catalyst, Promethean Community
  • I was truly humbled and enormously inspired by the work others are doing to transform (or at least chip away) at health care.
    Rachel Maguire
    Institute for the Future
  • The diversity of perspectives, shared mission, and the sheer intelligence of the conversations remind me again that we are working on a problem of great importance that can't afford to languish in its current state.
    Kim Erwin
    Assistant Professor, IIT Institute of Design
  • I came back to my [home] clinic and talked everyone's ears off about all the cool things I learned and new things I wanted to try!
    Meghan Kolf
    Graduate Student, Destination Imagination

On Stage

Transform presenters come from across the globe, and have included business leaders from organizations like IDEO, Intel, and Aetna; students from Destination Imagination; founders of MIT’s Little Device Lab and MakerNurse initiative; and speakers from Duke University and Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. Check out our speakers page to get a flavor for what awaits you…with more presenters to be announced soon. Questions? Check out our FAQs »

Who Should Attend?

Attendees include health care providers, designers, entrepreneurs, insurers, policy experts, students, professors, researchers, investors, technology geeks, device creators and retailers. If you are a rule-breaker, visionary, disrupter or innovator – inside or outside of health care – this conference is for you!

About Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation

Hosted by Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation (CFI), Transform taps the resources, ingenuity, and legacy of Mayo Clinic’s 150+ years of medical leadership. The Center offers a unique space within Mayo Clinic to rapidly iterate new ideas into the practice. CFI’s multidisciplinary team uses a human-centered design approach to turn innovative ideas into practical solutions that change how people can determine their own health and experience the delivery of health care.