Transform is the annual health care innovation conference that brings together decision makers, change agents, and stakeholders from around the world. We challenge assumptions, collaborate, and share results that catalyze change in the experience and delivery of health care.

  • Transform was a rare health care conference that brought together people from many different parts of healthcare to take new and novel views of not where we have been, but where we should be going.
    Geoffrey Clapp
  • Transform is the kind of conference that gives you the confidence to go back to your desk and push a little harder to be the change agent that we all know we need.
    Kim Erwin
    Illinois Institute of Technology
  • The thing I love about Transform is the courage, not of any one person or idea, but of the way we collectively admit that solving problems in healthcare takes truth telling, persistence, justice and creativity. We are all in this together.
    Barbara Barry
    Mayo Clinic
  • “Transform was a powerful and inspirational experience to meet other creative, amazing people willing to take risks and follow their passion to create a more inclusive, participatory, and responsive culture of health.”
    Andres Marquez-Lara
    Promethean Community

About Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation

Hosted by Mayo Clinic Center for Innovation (CFI), Transform taps the resources, ingenuity, and legacy of Mayo Clinic’s 150+ years of medical leadership.  The Center offers a unique space within Mayo Clinic to rapidly iterate new ideas into the practice.  CFI’s multidisciplinary team uses a human-centered design approach to turn innovative ideas into practical solutions that change how people can determine their own health and experience the delivery of health care.