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2016 Conference Overview

Make Change Possible: Thriving in an Ecosystem for Health

At TRANSFORM 2016 we will engage with the world’s top thinkers to boldly envision a sustainable future for health. We will address the dynamics of social, political, scientific, technological and economic sectors; explore how people make change happen – and examine how leadership, culture and collaboration make it possible.

We will investigate the future of a new ecosystem created by individuals and organizations responding to real, and oftentimes personal, needs.

Join us to make change possible, be inspired and take action.

Wednesday, September 14 to Friday, September 16, 2016
Mayo Civic Center, Rochester, Minnesota

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Transform 2016 begins in…

218 days
  • Transform was a powerful and inspirational experience to meet other creative, amazing people willing to take risks and follow their passion to create a more inclusive, participatory, and responsive culture of health.
    Andres Marquez-Lara
    Founder & Passion Catalyst, Promethean Community
  • I was truly humbled and enormously inspired by the work others are doing to transform (or at least chip away) at health care.
    Rachel Maguire
    Institute for the Future
  • The diversity of perspectives, shared mission, and the sheer intelligence of the conversations remind me again that we are working on a problem of great importance that can't afford to languish in its current state.
    Kim Erwin
    Assistant Professor, IIT Institute of Design
  • I came back to my [home] clinic and talked everyone's ears off about all the cool things I learned and new things I wanted to try!
    Meghan Kolf
    Graduate Student, Destination Imagination

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